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The Villars Lodge

Villars Lodge Hotel with beautiful mountain views

Our story

Unforgettable & fun times with friends

Welcome to the Villars Lodge, a laid-back Swiss Lodge, where casual meets trendy. Ideal for those who wish to escape the formal vibes of traditional hotels, here you can expect super comfy beds and fluffy pillows to catch up on some zzz’s, and yummy cuisine that’s sure to satisfy any foodie’s cravings, yum! And most importantly, a warm welcome that will make you feel right at home.

Did you know ? Dating back from 1870, the Villars Lodge used to be called the Bellevue Hotel.

Villars Lodge Hotel with snow

Our Values & Mission

a new kind of hospitality

Super comfy beds, yummy food, and good vibes are not enough. We aspire to challenge traditional hospitality by taking our guests on a meaningful journey where they can experience the hospitality of tomorrow and be actors of change.

Hospitality at the Villars Lodge Hotel

The Lodge stands within the Villars Alpine Resort. With a historic structure filled with stories from the past and a magical charm, the hotel dates back to 1870.

Education at the Villars Lodge Hotel

The Lodge strives to preserve its hospitality heritage with the Villars Palace Academy, a leadership and hospitality school located within the Resort.

Sustainability at the Villars Lodge Hotel

Eco-conscious to its core, the Lodge strives to embrace and preserve its surroundings. We are fully committed to holistic sustainable approaches.

“Seeking adventure, good times with your friends or family, and delicious food? Look no further than the Lodge, from fluffy pillows and comfy beds to yummy food and exciting activities, you will love it all!”